The Museum Volunteer Schedule!

The Week of October 21 - October 27, 2018.

Sunday: morning, Donnie Davison; afternoon, Doris Baker and Pat Clem.

Monday: morning, Joan Farrell and Ginny Conrad; afternoon, Polly Wilson.

Tuesday: morning, Carolyn McKiernan and Hanna Rehbein; afternoon, Gloria Stickley.

Wednesday: morning, Sally Fravel; afternoon, Tina and Conly Crabill.

Thursday: morning, Trina Bailey; afternoon, Carole Fortune.

Friday: morning, Linda Williams; afternoon, Sherry Anderson.

Saturday: morning, Tina and Conly Crabill; afternoon, Amanda Laws.

The Week of October 28 - October 31, 2018.

Sunday: morning, Sue Foster; afternoon, Charles and Jennifer Burke.

Monday: morning, Sam and Mary Hitchings; afternoon, Danny Wymer.

Tuesday: morning, Polly Wilson; afternoon, Polly Wilson.

Wednesday: morning, Sam and May Hitchings; afternoon, Margo Hammock.