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Strasburg Academy, founded by Peter Stover, the founder of Strasburg. It was built about 1803. This school was located on the south side of High street west of the intersection with Depot (Fort) street. It was replaced by a new structure about 1926. This picture was likely taken not long before the structure was demolished.
Main Street East, Strasburg, Virginia. Looking east on King street. The town run (Water street) is located just east of the Spangler house. The Spangler house is the third building on the right hand side of the street.
King (Main) Street West, Strasburg, Virginia. This picture was taken looking west on King street near the intersection of King and Depot (Fort) streets. The building on the right hand side of the street was once called the Central House. The Central House was constructed 1853 by Samuel H. Sonner. It was used as a Hotel and residence and over the years offices were rented. A dentist office operated by Dr. Maphis was located there at one time. Early pictures of the building are without the porch as shown here.
King (Main) Street East, Strasburg, Virginia. Looking east on King street. The brick house on the right side of the street was owned by Dr. White. The next house on that side was the Zea house. The Strasburg Post Office was probably still located in the Shenando Building at this time but was later build on the immediate left side of the street and still stand there. This picture was likely taken just prior to 1920.
Main Street Strasburg Virginia ca 1902. Picture appears to have been taken from the Shenando Building looking West onto King street. It appears that the Shenando building was not yet built which would date the picture prior to 1905. The Grove building (the larger building of three stores in the left of the pictures one served as the site of the Strasburg Post Office. Many of the building in the picture still stand on King Street. The intersection of Holiday and King is indicated by the walkways that protrude in to the street. The Zea house is located on the left corner of the intersection of Holiday and King and faces Holiday street. It was an early store, Zea & Pirkey. John Pirkey was an early (late 1800s) minister at the Strasburg Christian Church. The Zea store was later located across King street opposite the Zea house. The house across Holiday street opposite the Zea house was known as the Rogers house. The town well was located on the town square in front of the Zea house.
Strasburg Hospital (now the Hotel Strasburg). The four story structure was attached to the large house about 1902. The house was used as a hospital prior to the construction of the large addition.

U. S. Marines on Cedar Creek Battlefield. The 1923 maneuvers of the U. S. Marines of Quantico, Va. include a tour of the Shenandoah Valley, September 17th, 3,500 Marines.......encamped on the famous battlefield of Cedar Creek, Va., where on October 19,1864 the Confederate under Gen. Jubal A. Early first won victory and were then defeated by the Federal forces under Gen. Philip H. Sheridan. This picture appeared on a postcard published at the Shenandoah Publishing House, Strasburg, Virginia.